Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Get Free Products to Review on Your Blog.

Have you always wondered how other review bloggers write excellent reviews of products as if they actually bought and used them? I will let you in a secret. They never buy products to review; they get them free.!

Yes, absolutely free! Product samples are sent to bloggers free of cost and in return, they are expected to write a honest review supported by images of the products.

How bloggers are chosen to give free products that may include a digital information product, a physical product such as cookies, candies, cosmetics and so on?

Do the bloggers advertise their reviewing services and get for free products? If so, are there any particular places in the web to offer such services?

Are there middlemen that connect review bloggers with manufacturers and dealers?

 No, there are no special places to advertise review services. Bloggers use their blogs to show their reviewing skill.  They collect their blog traffic details and publish them on their blog visibly. Their published reviews are then measured for the popularity in social media.

For example, a blog post that is published should show how many tweets and retweets it has received, how many people liked and shared it on their Facebook and Google plus and so on. If a blog post can show proudly the strength of social signal it has got, then, they are noticed by manufacturers and dealers and they choose such blogs and send product samples free.

Some bloggers write reviews of products that they bought just to exhibit their blogging skill. It is a good way to start one's review blogging skill.

Review blogging:
Review blogging is now a full time job for thousands of bloggers and they are paid big money for their services. In addition, product reviews are rated by websites and if your review is rated among top 5 or top 10, then consider yourself a success.

Re-write reviews to earn money.
Some people though are good writers do have staring problem. They do not know how to begin writing a review. However, if you give them a sample review article, they will quickly re-write it to make it much better than the original article.

Do you want to try that route of re-writing reviews to earn money blogging?

Review writing business

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