Monday, January 27, 2014

Beautiful gold trumpet mouth piece from Bach Megatone.

There was an overwhelming response for the new trumpet mouthpiece bach 1e gold just because it is gold. At least that is what I construed. Trumpet players are used to silver mouthpieces that need frequent replacement because silver sheds its sheen quickly. It turns dark that poses an ugly appearance.

Trumpet mouthpiece when made of gold, makes the instrument player comfortable and the majority of them think that the sound from their instrument is better. 

This is a product that I would buy without any second thought if I were a trumpet player. Besides the advantages of a gold plated mouthpiece, I am sure it would make the trumpet look rich and covey that it is played by someone who has fine taste.

I searched for reviews of the product more out of habit than real necessity. What I read thus far, gave the impression that the musicians’ mouth felt friendly with the yellow metal.
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