Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why should you buy heavy metal guitar straps?

Do guitar players who frequently tour to participate in music concerts prefer heavy metal guitar straps based on style or comfort? If both are considered, then, what about the pricing? 

I noticed there are plenty of options for buying metal studded leather straps for electric guitars but the price range is considerably wide and it is certainly confusing.

When my son sought my help in narrowing the choices for his guitar, I was a bit taken aback by the options. I asked why does he want to add weight to guitar bag and he curtly replied that his fellow guitar players advised him to replace his ancient leather strap with the current trend and in addition, it is long lasting.

I did a long search looking for feedbacks and came to a conclusion that heavy metal guitar straps are only for those with a broad shoulder. Other who bought it, quickly found it uncomfortable in spite of the security it gave to the guitar.

The final buying decision then became easy for me.
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