Friday, July 03, 2015

Excellent guide to carpenters about drawer slides.

Don’t you think it is strange that carpenters that you have come across in your life thus far are not properly educated? I would even say they are not even technically educated in their own vocation properly but still, they possess excellent wood masonry skill-right?

Yesterday was one such occasion when I stood in admiration of a carpenter’s work. I went to buy a space saving chest of drawers. I visited three shops in pursuit of my quest before finally finding what I wanted in an dingy furniture garage; yes, it was not even a showroom.

When I openly appreciated the way the drawers moved in and out of the cabinet, he told me that he is using only the best of ovis drawer slides. Till then, I never thought the drawer slides played such a major role in a cupboard.

The aging carpenter worked with only an assistant, showed great knowledge about various types of slides that are used in drawers. Different slides are to be used in different kinds of places like kitchen, file cabinets, wardrobes and computer tables.
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