Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Start Blogging For Bucks ?

Like me, there are literally millions of bloggers who make decent money by blogging. Some earn even thousands dollars per month from their blogs. These are not casual bloggers who only want to see their words and their name online or who just want to put forth a point-of-view, these are serious professional bloggers who have made blogging into a full-time business.

Here are some of the ways to make money from your.
1.     Advertising!
The easiest way to earn money by blogging is to place small banners or text links on your blog and you are paid on a monthly basis. It may be just #5 per ad or even up to $50 !
2.    Affiliate Income.
       Online companies have been offering a steady way of earning money for bloggers. In this method, you as an affiliate (a sales ahent) promote products or services of a company and if a sale is generated, you are paid a percentage of the sale value up to 75% of the sale price. That’s big money!
 Another version of the affiliate program is the “mini-mall” concept offered by companies such as Amazon store . The mini-mall works (like the affiliate program), through a link on your blog that takes your reader to a page with a variety of merchandise -- all sales earn you a commission.
3.    Sponsored blog posts
This is one my favorite methods to earn money as a problogger. If you have a blog that is dedicated to a particular topic, e.g., men’s shirts that is published on a regular basis, that has a good readership and is recognized as an authoritative source for men’s shirts and trousers etc, your blog may draw the interest of a corporate sponsor and you may be approached to run their advertisements for new products on a long-term basis. If and when you reach that point you know you've made it to the big time, professional blogger's league.

The methods mentioned above are just a few of the very many ways you can start making money from your blog . . . but there is a catch!

As you probably noticed every scheme mentioned and every other money-making blogging scheme you'll find requires a great blog . . . a blog that draws hundreds of readers (as a minimum) on a regular basis. To reach this stage of readership you need a blog that offers the reader some type of unique, quality content.

If blogging is to be a money making business for you, you'll need to treat it like a business by dedicating your time, energy and creativity to its success. Also, like any successful business, you need a product or service that is a 'customer magnet.' Your “product” is your content: it could be news or information or entertainment but whatever it is, it must be unique and interesting.
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