Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What is the difference between visits and visitors to your blog.

Most of us presume that both visits and visitors mean the same metric in the blog statistics; but they are both different. As a blogger, you must know what is meant by 'visits' and 'visitors'.

Whenever someone visits your blog, it is a visit and if he enters again in a minute or in an hour, the visit is counted as two. This will lead you to believe that your blog recorded two visitors.

Unique visitors are generally hard to track unless they are supposed to register in your blog to view the content. Oh yes, cookies does that job of tracking but if the cookies are deleted frequently, you have lost that track.

After deleting the cookies, if the same person visits your blog, he is tracked again but would be considered as new.

Do you get it?

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Do you get it?

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