Friday, May 12, 2017

YES or NO to PLR articles?

Would you buy PLR articles, rewrite and use them for your blog?

My answer is "YES" ; only, I do not rewrite but use the titles alone to write my own unique content. I am easily inspired by looking at various titles of articles/blog posts because they give me an idea about the subject that follows inside the content.

Believe me, it is an excellent way to find content for blogs. I thought I was one of a very few who found out this content discovery method but I am surprised to learn that nearly all of the professional web content writers implement this method.

By web content, I mean content for:
* Websites
* Autoresponders
*Email newsletters
* eBooks and kindle books
* Guides and tutorials
* Social media content

However, I do not trust the free PLR. They are pure garbage, stinking stuff. When you make a sincere attempt to rewrite them, you will find that you could have as well written it from scratch. Invariably, the content would be so outdated that you will be a laughing stock if you publish it anywhere in the web.

Now do you understand why I would say "YES" to PLR?

Therefore, it is advisable to buy PLR at a very affordable price.

The best source for buying quality PLR articles

To my knowledge, I would point out to, the Internet's huge store for downloadable products.

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