Friday, June 30, 2017

Can children be taught to blog?

I would say no if the said ‘children’ are below 15 years. However, if they are above 15 and if they are stilled called children ( I would not call), yes then, they can be taught to blog.

One should not expect their blogging children to straightaway become popular. It is near impossible to even say “I am blogger” before two years.
The cliché is modern technology is a trap and not a trap. It all depends on the self-discipline.

Development in the art of writing at a budding age is truly an enrichment of your child’s innovative mind. Furthermore, blogging can have numerous benefits:
• Trigger the sense of responsibility – let your child know that blogging is not merely posting; certain responsibilities are brought up like updating, posting daily blogs, answering reader’s queries, and more.
• Establishes communication – connection to the outside world enable kids to reach out to distant relatives and friends. Better yet, getting updates and issues of what’s going on.
• Enhances creativity – upon knowing a child’s potentials, enhance it. Attending to his talents provides eagerness in the child and he would be more confident to profess his skills.

• Enriches vocabulary – it doesn’t stop in learning ABC, your child has the opportunity to play with the words. Make them think. How could I construct an effective sentence that could affect both the reader and the writer? He should learn to cope with words or phrases, correctly. Visiting websites like those that have a thesaurus, dictionary, etc. 
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