Monday, June 19, 2017

Why the epiphone nighthawk is called the cousin of Les Paul guitar?

Epiphone nighthawk
Epiphone nighthawk

I wonder why the epiphone nighthawk is considered as the cousin of Les Paul guitar which hit the guitar market more than 100 years ago in 1952. I read that while the Les Paul was one of the Gibson’s that had seen more versions than any other guitar, the epiphone nighthawk was last seen in 1999, just six years after it was launched.
Ask a veteran guitarist about his preference and he would say without blinking an eye, “a 22 frets classic”.  There are several comparisons between a 22 fret and a 24 fret guitars but the choice of the populace seems to be ’22 fret guitar’.
The epiphone nighthawk was a classic one with 22 frets but with a 25 and a half inches scale. Built with a combination of rosewood and mahogany, its features were selected based on the choice of highly respected guitar players of the yesteryears.

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