Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Type of blogs.

If you are newbie in blogging world, you may wish to know the types blogs atht are in existance.

Business blog
Blogs that are mainly speaking about business,talk about stock market behaviour, political announcements that have either positive or negative impact on the overall buisness communtity.

It will also relate to other finacial matters like real estate, investing in general, working from home, etc.

A clubbox is a type of blog prevalent in East Asia where the owner, upon paying a monthly fee, can post daily personal entries, pictures, and videos and usually has a large amount of bandwidth to share.

Cultural blogs discuss music, sports, theater, other arts, and popular culture.

A Moblog, or mobile blog, consists of content posted to the Internet from a mobile phone (i.e., cellular telephone) or a personal digital assistant (PDA). Moblogs may require special software.

Online diary
People blog poems, prose, complaints, daily experiences, and more, often allowing others to contribute. Popular online destinations for personal blogs include social networking sites such as MySpace and Xanga.

Photoblogs consist of a gallery of images published regularly. Text following the image can be just as important, or not important at all, depending on the user.

War Blog
A warblog is a weblog devoted mostly or wholly to covering news events concerning an ongoing war. Sometimes the use of the term "warblog" implies that the blog concerned has a pro-war slant.

Topical blogs focus on a niche. For example, the Google Blog covers nothing but news about Google. A blog may fit more than one topical category or may be both topical and general. Blog directories must manage the needs of bloggers, who want to increase readership, and readers, who want relevant search results. Local blogs are a type of topical blog. Neighborhood reporting is ideal for blogging: Locals are the best witnesses of local events.

A Vlog, or video blog, consists of blog posts with mainly video content.

Travel blogs or journals are one of the web's most popular types of blogs as people love to share their vacation stories and photos with friends, family and the web community as a whole. They are also a great way for traveler's to stay in touch with people back home, especially when traveling for extended periods.

Many bloggers simply create their own blog using any of the standard blogging software but many sites have popped up offering specialized services for users to create their own travel blogs and share their photos.

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