Thursday, June 01, 2006

Junk free feeds.

Are you a passionate and compulsive blogger?

There are so many web feeds available that we get confused at times as to what we should subscribe to?

And talk about the variety of tools to generate information like podcast, vlogs, Wiki etc.

Which one is good? I think almost anyone will satisfy our needs as long as we are clear about what topic we are subscribing to-right?

Still, do we read everything that comes to our news aggregator? Obviously not!
Why? Plenty of junk also creeps in. Agreed?

Ok, is there anyway, can we filter and reblog the content? Sure, there is a way. is our savior.

This site offers a fantastic tool (feed reader) by which you can republish relevant content from your RSS feeds.You can happily edit the content too.

This great blogging tool is offered free of cost.
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