Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Useful blog tools for content.

I do not how many of us who are trying to earn from adsense, using these revenue sharing blogs, are accustomed to choose content for blogging from web feeds.

I find it always tough to select from a myriad web feeds. I tried google news for a week.
Then yahoo news poured into my browser for sometime. I must agree I found some breaking news from which I built a few articles. I can’t say for sure whether it helped my blog page views, but surely I gained some knowledge.

I am also using social bookmarking very frequently, both to tag it and to find tags of my interest.
My favorite tagging sites are:

But I depend more on for finding latest information based on my favorite tags.
The content thus viewed is real time and dynamic. So let us call it ‘Live web’.

But we can get bogged down a bit by the constant flow of content from `Live Web' sources.
Ok, how do we tackle this information deluge? Let me discuss a set of tools created for helping us tame the live web.

I have used Google News effectively. You can clearly indicate what exactly you want to read about. In fact you can narrow your choice with exact keyword.

For example you can enter the key word ‘Secured server’, select the type of alert as ‘News and web’, set the frequency of alert to ‘as it happens’ or ‘once a day’ or ‘once a week’.

You can do so the same with yahoo news. I liked the layout of google news as convenient.

I thought Blogosphere, where thousands of bloggers discuss/disseminate latest news on almost every conceivable subject round the clock, is also a prominent constituent of the live web.

Tools developed for scanning the thousands of blogs and filtering out trends/relevant content will help you mine live web more efficiently.

I stumbled onto a site Memorandum, a blog aggregation tool that is now popular.
They deal with technology and politics as their main topics.

Kindly take a look at this free service offered by Immedi What is unique about this service is that it delivers your choice of feeds at your instant messenger like MS and AOL. Sorry, no yahoo messenger yet. You need not have to open your news reader, but only your selected IM.
A summary of updates on your favorite subjects/sites will fall on the IM client automatically as and when it happens.

Similar to RSS as your source of information and news, you can use social bookmarking sites effectively. The ‘Live web’ is not short of such great free services. These services thrive on user-generated content and closely monitoring the quickly changing content on them will help you keep up with the information race.

Like the majority of us, I use frequently the famous social bookmarking service to get information on the latest sites being bookmarked by its users.

If you want to view the posts made in live, please visit Livemarks which acts like a real time surfer. It lingers around; gobble up bookmarks as soon as the users post them on to It is really a fun to watch those tags pour in live in your browser.

Another social bookmarking site which I like is Wink Along with the tag-based search output, Wink provides normal Google web search results also.

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