Saturday, June 24, 2006

Great blog tracking tool.

Who doesn't want to know about who is your blog reader and where they are coming from!
The entire bogging community-right?

I just stumbled onto this site My Blogs

How it works.
I quote from their site:
'Tracking the missing link.
Real-time. Actionable. Transparent.
Where are your readers coming from? Where do they go when they leave your site? These are the core questions that every blogger needs answered in order to take part in the global conversation.
MyBlogLog provides you with answers quickly, quietly and efficiently. Our Outgoing Link Tracking shows you which links on your site are most compelling to your readers, enabling you to tune your content and keep readers coming back.

Our Real-Time Referrer service keeps track of who's linking to your site and gives you that information now, not tomorrow.'

We are asked to place a small java script in our blog template.

They offer a free and paid version.

If you try it, you can share your observations here for the benefit of other bloggers.

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