Saturday, June 24, 2006

A pretty useful tool for bloggers.

It seems this is my day to stumble onto useful blog tools.

I was searching for something else but God wanted me to look at this first.

When you sign up for this tool for free (paid versions are also availble for advanced features), you can add all your bog url and website url in your ‘Watch list’.

It then analyses your urls and informs you the following.

Incoming and outgoing links from top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN;

Google and Alexa ranks, and how many have bookmarked you in Furl and

Another fantastic feature is they let you add them in your ‘link favourites’.

When you are on any website, just click on the ‘Urltrends’ button on your tool bar and bang! It generates a report that contains the following informations:
Trend Report For:
First Monitored: April 19th, xxxx
Last Monitored: June 19th, xxxx
Next Update: July 19th, 2006 (updated monthly)
Current Rankings:
Alexa Rank:

Incoming Google Links:
Incoming Yahoo Links:
Incoming MSN Links:
Incoming Alexa Links:
Overall Incoming Links: xxxx (Overlap is possible - Estimated xxxx unique links)
Outgoing Links: (Ratio: xx% - Each Link Receives Approx. xxxx PR)
Page Information:
Online Since:

DMOZ Listed: Listed:
UrlTrends Cache:

Followed by the above it presents graphs for:
Ranking trends, link popularity trends, social bookmark trends, popular keywords. Related websites.

Well, today my day’s work has been fulfilling.
My life slogan: Pass it on;share.
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