Saturday, July 29, 2006

Submit your videocast.

Through one of the RSS feeds I have subscribed to, I learnt about a new directory of RSS feed where you can submit your videocast.

You can find a lot of categories in their website.

For novices, who want to know more about videocast:

Also known as vodcast or video podcastn the term used for the online delivery of video on demand video clip content via Atom or RSS enclosure.

Subscribers can consume content on-demand and don't need keyboard or mouse interfaces to choose channels and items, much similar to zapping through regular TV stations, and new episodes show up automatically, so the technology is ideal for on-the-go (portable media players and mobile phones) and living room mass media consumption (TV), as demonstrated by the pioneers at Apple's Front Row media center application is the first to support this technology.

As per, VODcasts are TV-channels with on-demand titles instead of scheduled shows. Subscribe once, and new episodes are added automatically. and
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