Monday, October 30, 2006

Get to know Bloggoggle.

We all know about blog directory-a collection of blogs arranged by different categories.

Do you know bloggers' directory which is a directory of bloggers?
It is called Bloggoggle.

About bloggoggle:
This is a fantastic communication tool for bloggers who wish to share their unique expertise and also tap into the insights of other bloggers worldwide.

You can say it as a customized directory of blogging professionals.
It will help building and sharing networks of industry expertise.

I quote them:
“One of the great things about bloggoggle is the depth of its growing database of professionals. In business, arts, science and manufacturing – across sectors and communities of interest – you’ll find what’s relevant and be relevant to others. Before you can trust an expert, you need to find one.Trust us. You’ll find one.”

Include in your profile, your blogs and websites.
Upload your photo.
Invite leaders in your network.
Get yourself rated.
Search by several options.

An excellent resource for bloggers. Please share it with others.

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