Monday, November 20, 2006

Reuters has tied up with Pluck’s BlogBurst

For passionate internet marketers, the quest for new ways to attract visitors will never wane.

I do not consider myself as a passionate internet marketer but a passionate blogger.

I just simply derive immense pleasure when I learn something new and share it immediately.

So, I am sharing with you today a new method to increase your blog’s reach and readership by making your blog available to BlogBurst’s network of publishers.

To gain entry in to the publishers’ network, you need to submit your blog but only if it meets BlogBurst’s criteria.

Once you're accepted into the BlogBurst network, you are asked keep blogging as usual. When one of the publishers picks up your content, you'll reach a whole new audience — and your byline link will drive traffic to your blog.

I read a report in quick online tips that Reuters, one of the world’s largest providers of syndicated news, has tied up with Pluck’s BlogBurst, to help syndicate third-party blog content as part of Reuters news and information service.

I feel this a fantastic opportunity for our blogs to get international exposure via Reuters media partners worldwide.

Blogburst is reporting that on Reuters alone they are recording roughly one million headline impressions a day and post views of blog posts have more than doubled since Reuters started syndicating.
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