Sunday, February 04, 2007

Search Engine's Domination on decline?

I love the web 2.0 technology and all those interactive tools and social networking. Isn't Myspace and Orkut and many such sites are a proof that web 2.0 is in for a big sweep with more add ons to our browsers in the offing?

There is an in depth discussion in my friend Divya Uttam's blog about this.
The blog itself is totally on blogging, blog traffic, blog tools, blog monetization etc.
Every blog post is bit lengthy to me but however with stuff.

The blog post entitled "Death of Search Engine Domination" has been on my mind for the past week as I myself found using less of Google and more of wiki search engines and social bookmarks.

I agree with the views that starts with the following paragraph in her blog post.
"Social media is becoming more mature and developed as well as crowded. New social media websites evolved, either with an original idea or clones of successful models. A wonderful system from where the world of socializing of Internet marketing started. We can say that these websites evolved out of the need of generating more traffic in a much effective way."

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