Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Have you looked at Ibibo?

Indian bloggers must now be familiar with as their Google adwords are ubiquitous.

I did not give second glance to it since Jan 2007 till yesterday, I decided to test it. I registered, posted a few blogs and found a few readers.

You know what, whoever read it were just interested in my visit to their blog and do a rating. Ok, some reciprocal is necessary and I visited a few blogs and was astonished to find no content. Some top bloggers who have made over 6000 thousand posts in a month.

Yes, 6000 posts!
I was curious! Who could devote that much time. That comes to 200 posts per day. Assuming that each post is made up of at least 50 words, time to do some research to compile, type it out, test it and so on, can take a minimum of 10 minutes per post. So for 200 posts, the blogger needs 2000 minutes per day.

And we have only 1440 minutes in day.

If you would like to waste time, have a look at

What a disappointment!
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