Saturday, April 14, 2007

How to add technorati tags automatically.

Yes, I have been wanting to learn about this subject and share it with you too.

Do you that it is just a year before that technorati introduced tags? But do we really realize how useful it is for bloggers and browsers?

Let us first express our gratitude to for this wonder tool. Now almost every blogger uses tags and also adds technorati tags at the end of every post. It is considered a good practice to add technorati tags in our blog posts to attract visitors who visit blogs by tags.

But it is a cumbersome task to add the technorati tags every time we write a blog post. There is way to include them automatically with the use of a widget called technorati tags generator.

"It’s quite a simple program that allows you to generate HTML code for tags from a list of words" says the blogger at Gospelrhys. Read it fully there.

Thank you man from Colwyn Bay, North Wales!
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