Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The widget that sends traffic.

Now, this can be interesting.

We just browse aimlessly and suddenly we stumble on to an useful blog on a subject which we are already familiar with-say for example, earning from blogs or websites.

What will be our next action? We will go about finding similar informatio. But this can take a long time, we cannot be lucky always.

Here is a solution offered by a widget. Hey wait before you hit the link. But in case you did, remember to come back here to know more.

With this innovative widget in place, you can discover the most similar blogs and also increase your blog’s visibility! (see demo at the sidebar in this blog)

How this works:

“AutoRoll is a blog widget that displays links to blogs that your readers should like. Based on each unique reader’s affinity for each specific blog, the Criteo Recommendation Engine will compute on a real-time basis the relative affinity of all blogs, and it automatically displays the Top 10 unique links on each blog.”-Courtesy:-

One of the distinct benefit is that you will receive highly qualified incoming traffic to your blog. Indeed, as other similar blogs display your blog on their AutoRoll, they will bring you new readers with a strong affinity for your blog.

Quite reasonable-right?

But one thing that concerns me, will not drive my readers away to my competitors?

Thank you

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