Sunday, May 13, 2007

Call for submissions to blog carnival.

This is my second innings with Blog carnival but first attempt to organize my own carnival.

Previously, I had submitted blog posts for a 'Money Earning Blog Carnival'. I was not all that satisfied with the outcome. Well, I thought I could remove some of the short comings and try and host a carnival for the benefit of bloggers.

I seek your support bloggers; please send your blog posts on the topic, "Money by blogging'.
You can submit your blog posts with a link to your blog or website. The deadline for submission is on 21st May. It will be published on 27th May.

You can go to Blog carnival and register yourself for free. Then log in, locate my blog carnival and proceed to submit. The name of the blog carnival is "Blog Avenues". (see the side bar)

There is a link in the widget that is placed in the sidebar. You will see a link at the bottom of the widget that says,"Submit an article". use this link for your submission.

I think I may brief you about what is a blog carnival and what is the advantage of the host of a carnival and what submitters gain from it.

I seek my fellow bloggers support for mutual benefit.

The following information is credited to Blog carnival:
  • The Host volunteers to host a carnival edition on their blog. They work with the organizer to pick a date that suits them (popular carnivals schedule their hosts for months in advance). In the period leading up their scheduled date, they collect submissions from bloggers, and organize them into a single article chalk-full of links, often with their own comments. This article is published on the scheduled date, and everyone leaves comments on their blog telling them what a great job they did (well, usually, anyway).

  • Bloggers who have written an article on the carnival's topic can submit the link for inclusion in the next edition of the carnival. Often, bloggers who contribute to carnivals are experts in their field (or at least, highly opinionated!). Carnival has a carnival submission form for each carnival that bloggers can use to submit links to selected posts to a carnival host. All the blogger needs to know is the name of the carnival, and Carnival takes care of getting it to the right person.
  • The Audience consists of both bloggers and just-plain-interested readers. They come to Carnival to find out if there is a carnival on a topic they are interested in, and to find out where the carnival editions have been, and where they're going to be in the future.
Thank you
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