Monday, May 14, 2007

Nothing skinny about this blog directory.

Don't get any fancy ideas about the name of this blog directory-Blog Skinny.

This exclusive blog directory has got loads of features:
1. List your blogs for free under proper category in a just a few steps.
2. Add your blog feed url also for free. ( I added mine and saw it live on their page in less than a minute later)
3. Find a big list of blog directories.
4. If you know of a blog directory that is not in their list, you can suggest it to them and get rewarded with 1000 free impressions to your blog.
5. If you install their search box in your blog and if there is a search made from it, again you are given 100 free impressions to you blog.
6. They have good categories with thousand of blogs listed. So this directory is not skinny but a fat one indeed.(smile)

Go ahead, use it now!
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