Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A different kind of adsense revenue sharing.

My first adsense revenue sharing website is Senserely.

Within 3 months of joining senserely, I joined in as many as 10
such sites, wrote vigorously only to end up losing interest
because of no significant earnings.
However, my blog posts were read and in fact they are still
being read. This is very satisfactory.
Now I am blogging only for two of the 10 sites and senserely
is one among the two. I like James of and
I respect him a lot.
He has just started a new website with the same mindset of sharing
Adsense revenue:

Simply put, AdSensigg = Adsense + DIGG

It means the site is a DIGG-like with an Adsense Revenue Sharing
Program, so you get to promote your blogs/websites and
you earn from
page views.

If interested, you can
register at and edit
your profile to insert your Adsense ID. Then start submitting
your own WebPages.

The difference between AdSensigg and other DIGG-like sites
is that you
are very welcome to link to your own pages with
Adsense on them, to
your blog pages on Senserely or to your
friends' pages anywhere.

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