Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have been trying to understand how it works, but I admit I cannot figure it out.
May be you can and if so, please teach me how I can monetize my blog.

Please go to Ranking Blogs, read it fully. Not that there is much
to read, you can see only familiar words that we have all seen already.
After you register and log in, go tour account and click on all the links under
Website Owners and Buying Ads.

Something is missing. I may be wrong but .....
There are two ways to earn; one is through text link ads and the other
way is writing a blog post as
we do for The second way is called 'Advertorial'.

But once you set your rates for your blogs, I don't know what to do.
I clicked on 'Browse ads' and chose 'Advertorial' for a product.
The next screen presented a form asking me to fill up some
details and I am stuck up here.

Any help bloggers?
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