Wednesday, May 09, 2007

From zero to John Chow.

I remember very well writing about John Chow about three months back in one of my blogs. At that time, I failed to study him fully.

After that I lost count on the number of times that I landed on his blog clicking on links from hundreds of places.

My first blog post somewhere in 2005 was zero when I read the first post of John Chow till the latest one about Reviews of Blogs whose topics revolve around make money online.

Hey, do you know that I may qualify to be listed on Paula Mooney's list of blogger who have earned more than $479.88 in one year? I have sent an enquiry asking if I have passed their test.

If you want to know all about it, please read again the blog post entitled 'List of Blogger salaries' in If I want to realize my dream of making it big in blogosphere and ranked alongside John Chow and Nandini Maheswari, I must spend more reading blogs.

After reading the profile of John Chow, I have come to a conclusion. He is some legend and I stand no chance ranking on parallel to him.

Namaste John Chow!

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