Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The traffic potentiality of Stumbleupon.

This person Doshdosh continue to amaze me. The energy with which he blogs cannot be gauged. He writes every article with ardent passion. Even a dumb person like me can understand his blog posts and use it personally without anyone's help further.

Yes, I too, like millions, have installed 'Stumbleupon' toolbar but so far I have used it to give my 'Thumbs up' only 19 times.

I just finished the article on Stumbleupon by Doshdosh and exactly after three seconds, here I a writing about it.

After reading his tutorial, I checked all my blogs url by typing them one by one on Reviews by Stumble upon.

I am naturally not shocked to find none of my blogs listed there. It means, none has bothered to say 'I like it' to stumbleupon.

Heeding the suggestion of Doshdosh, I stumbled my own blogs and checked it immediately after in their Reviews by Stumble upon. It was there happily staring at me.

Like we the mybloglog members reciprocate visits, exchange links, exchange Technorati favorites only through messaging, there is an exclusive website to exchange stumble between bloggers.

May I now invite my readers to exchange stumbles? There is no point in making the request in the comments sections here because many may have more than 5 blogs. (I have 6 blogs, hi hi hi..)

My email is shown at the top. Please send in your requests.

Thank you comrade Doshdosh. You are simply a darling.
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