Saturday, May 05, 2007

More visitors through blogging communiies.

In my side bar, you might have noticed two widgets provided by and showing the recent visitors to this blog.

Both the above websites are blogging communities where bloggers register their blogs and join different communities that are related to their blog topics.

Then bloggers place the custom widget in their blogs' side bar. When co-members of the same community visit your blog because they are interested in your blog, they are shown as one of the recent visitors to your blog in the widget.

If you click on the image of the visitor, you are taken to their profile page and it is up to you visit their blog, interact further to exchange links and views.

This is the most authentic way of traffic and link building. The contribution by in this sphere is phenomenal. is a similar service provider.

There is one more blogging community that I came across today and it is Bumpzee.
It also works the same way like but with a different interface and one major difference.

In bumpzee, you add your blog in the appropriate existing community (category) or start your own that fits your blog topic. Your submitted blog has to be approved the owner of the community.

I also like I read several blogs there; I am quite impressed by their top quality and content. The interface is like but when your mouse moves over the images of the bloggers, you will see what their blog is about with proper links to take further action.

Bloggers cannot afford to overlook these traffic avenues. It is also great way of building friendship, share knowledge and support each other.

If you know more such blogging communities, please make a comment.
Thank you for reading.

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