Saturday, May 05, 2007

A new market place for bloggers.

So, the cat is let out of the bag.
Bloggst is wise like me(smile). They have analysed the paid to blog industry, realized that advertisers can reduce their spending by directly contacting bloggers who are paid to write about their products or services.

The ubiquitous middle man is shoved out and advertisers will meet fact to face(digitally?) in market places that are popular in big forums like Digital Point, Webmaster World.

Bloggst opened their market place for advertisers and bloggers two days ago. I think I was the person to make a post there because there was not a single post when I logged in to post. Even now, not many posts are there but we should give more time to become popular.

In this forum, bloggers can place their services and the price for them and are likely to get hired when an advertiser sees a match.

Get on the wagon pro bloggers, it is totally free.
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