Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The potential of Blog Carnival.

No, I am not disappointed that I received only one submission to my blog carnival. In fact I am happy and gratified for that one person and also to Blog carnival team.

I feel, bloggers have not realized the immense of potentiality of Blog Carnival for their blog promotion and popularity.

Here is how it works: (This is for the new readers)

1. You can submit your blog post (should be a new one) to the existing carnivals that match your topic. You can search in Blog Carnival for the topics that are about to be published. You blog post will have a link to your blog.

2. The carnival host will publish your blog post in his/her blog. Since there may be several submissions from various authors, your post will be read for sure by other authors.

3. You can also created a carnival on any topic and host it on your blog.

Over a period of time, you will start liking the work and it is beneficial to your blog's popularity.

I am hosting my second carnival on 'Money by blogging'. Please see the widget on the right for dates.
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