Wednesday, June 27, 2007

12 rolls of film consumed.

Forty years ago, the marriage of my aunt went on for 3 full days. In those days, none of our customs were compromised.

The entire marriage function was divided into 6 sessions of two every day. We used to have huge crowd numbering about 700 people. You can imagine the organizing it took to conduct a marriage for 3 days satisfying all the 700 people.

Still, at the end of it, there would be murmurs of dissatisfaction from a few corners. Mostly it will be related to not appearing in a special photographic session. Oh, that reminds me to tell you about the ancient camera that the professional photographer used.

He would not have had any difficulty in choosing the best of wedding cameras his studio provided. In those days, all cameras require a flash. To cover the entire marriage, he consumed 12 rolls of film each yielding 36 snaps.

I wonder what that photographer will say when he looks at this beautiful floral camera!

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