Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are you still pinging?

Ok, agreed, pinging is very important and we must do a ping after every post.

But do we do that really? No, I will say. Not even once in 3 months, I go to my favorite pinging service and do it. If at all I do it, I may do for a couple of my blogs only leaving the majority unpinged.

Lazy man, pure lazy! Oh, call me lazy woman, pure lazy!

Even though pinging takes only a few seconds per blog, I don't have the patience as if I have some other urgent work to attend. And I call myself a blogging coach and can you believe that? Yes, I train a few through email but nothing technical. It is too hot for me.

Got any news for me in blog promotion? I simply love to try out new ideas in blog promotion.
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