Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A comprehensive comparison and grading.

Even though, I put marks on my students' test papers, I don't judge a person's maths skill by his marks alone. In fact, I don't give the marks any weight at all.

Like that, I don't put great importance of Google PR and all those ranks. If my blog is read by 10 people daily, I would consider as a big achievement. I know there are 2.2 billion blogs in the Internet and a readership of 10 is fantastic to me.

Go to Website Grader and give your url if you are serious about finding the overall grade of your website or blog.

I analyses the following parameters:
Google PR
Alexa rank
Technorati rank
Inbound links from Google, Yahoo
Number of pages indexed by Google
Bookmarks in Del.
Digg submissions

The report also looks for a few SEO aspects like meta keywords and meta description.
If you like the report, you can discreetly look into your competitor's urls too.(smile)

I thank Blog Bloke for having introduced me to this website grader.
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