Tuesday, June 19, 2007

May I teach Michael Weston?

Reading detective stories during my college days launched me on to great fantasies that I am able to keep alive even today. Being a typical Gemini, I used to be impressed by every heroic deed that I read and imagined myself to be one such.

Do you know that such wild imaginations helped me win several essay competitions? In fact, I was even offered a position as an assistant play writer for a leading drama producing company. Alas, my conservative family members did not allow me to hone my writing skills.

When I heard about the ‘Burn Notice’ TV show that is scheduled to go live on 28th June, how I wished I could come up with solutions that challenges the CIA agent Michael Weston who suddenly gets the dreaded ‘Burn Notice’ which literally means he is completely blacklisted as unworthy to be employed as a detective agent.

Be it a novel on paperback or a TV serial, these kinds of stories always aroused immense interest among the readers and viewers. Remember the novel, “Bourne Identity” by Robert Ludlum in which the hero is hunted down by every espionage organization including his own employer?

Jeffrey Donovan, who stars as Michael Westen, must be on cloud nine already having bagged the coveted role that every other actor will vie for. How he uses his extraordinary training and survival techniques will soon be the talk of the nation and I foresee several episodes may soon be copied in cinemas of every languages.

Created and written by Matt Nix, USA Network's Burn Notice combines the best of the action/thriller elements with surprising humor and an iconic new breed of spy.

It is very sad that I can’t enjoy watching it sitting in India.

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