Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google's view on link exchange.

Without checking the veracity, I reproduce here what I read in a few places: "Google doesn't give importance or weight to reciprocal links."

But why? Can anyone of you come up with a valid reason.? Then all the blog rolling and networking are just wasted effort?

I have a blog on education and I certainly can link to a blog that speaks about student loans. I can say in my blog that I read blogs that write about students uniforms and places that are fit for an educational tour, recommended books to read, paying guest facilities available in Virginia and so on.

Well, the Boss says and all we can say is , "The Boss is always right".

In my experience, I consider gaining one way link is more favorable than reciprocal links.
The best ways to gain one way link:
Signature on forums.
Comments on blogs that follow comments.
Blog reviews.

Oh, I forgot; social bookmarking is the most preferred method but it is a cumbersome work. Considering this as an opportunity, I offered my social bookmarking services some time ago in the market place in a forum.

The response was not all the encouraging but a few that trickled in were completed by me to their fullest satisfaction. Since, then, like coins collector, I collected various social bookmarking websites in general category as well as some unique niches.

I really enjoyed the work. I am still available for anyone who would like to post their website or blog in nearly 100 social bookmarking websites.
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