Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Easy bookmarking with social poster.

Take a look at the side bar. You will find a button 'Social websites poster' under 'bookmark me' title.

Just click on it!

Ok, what do you see? You will find thirty four different social bookmarking services with a three links beside each service-Register, Login and Post.

From a single web page, you can post to all the listed social bookmarking web sites one by one without leaving the web page. All you have to do is fill up the form with title, url, text and tags.

Not your style? Ok, go to
Drag and drop the 'Social Poster' button in your browser tool bar.

Now visit this blog again please.
Highlight any part of the text in the body of any blog post.
Now go to your browser tool bar, click on '' and see what happens?

Yes, you will see the form got filled up automatically with title, url and your highlighted text. You just change the tags and start submitting it to the social bookmarking web sites.

Pretty easy but I am sure 'Only Wire' is truly for lazy peoples like me.(smile)

Thank you for the insight!
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