Friday, June 08, 2007

A new adsense revenue sharing opportunity.

There was a comment on one of my previous posts entitled "A different kind of...." and the comment was made by a "Tony".

This is his comment:
"Google does not reccommend doing Ad rotation anymore. Instead, they suggest implementing revenue sharing using AdSense APIs.

There are several sites now offering revenue sharing using Google AdSense APIs. is one of the first few sites....."

So I looked up at his website and it is an educational portal providing reliable and comprehensive information on educational institutions in India and abroad. Students and parents can find information on colleges, schools, universities, examination results, educational announcements, events and news.

My son was interested to know about other colleges that offer B.E. in computer science. There was only few colleges listed and he was disappointed that his college was not in that list.

Oh, sorry, I deviated from adsense revenue sharing. Unlike various other adsense revenue sharing programs, this website does not rotate adsense and you are actually given a separate web page when you contribute with an article. Then, one can apply for adsense with that web page.

However I wonder what does Tony means "Google does not recommend doing Ad rotation anymore".
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