Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I traveled with the cargo.

Man, the world has changed and changed for the better. What a lot of facilities and luxuries we are enjoying today.

I still remember the day I moved to Madras some 21 years ago. I was asked by the transporting company to accompany the goods in that lorry itself. And do you know the reason for it? He said I have no proper papers to show at the check post and that I am used as a live paper.

And today, at just the click of a button, you can order the services of Long Distance Moving Companies who will do everything for us. They will pack all the items neatly, load it into the container and deliver it with in the promised date.

They will even unload and unpack at the new address and we can watch all of these actions without moving a muscle.

The ever dependable Service Network recently announced its quick and easy moving company matching system with the help of their network of movers who are selected after their applications are thoroughly processed.

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