Friday, June 29, 2007

Just returned from an exhibition.

It was a jewelry exhibition by Zak. This exhibition is organized every now and then and attracts designers from all parts of the nation.

All leading jewelry shops participate and display their wares. As usual, the exhibition was heavily crowded but I headed for the gold coins section. In that section, 10 stalls were doing brisk business and their sales staff was answering quite a lot of queries.

The price of gold coins varied based on the spot price that was being displayed on a big screen. I remember seeing one such in the website of Monex.

Suddenly all the heads turned to me because I answered a few questions on rare gold coins. I narrated quite a few historical facts and also showed some photographs that I carried in my notebook.

Then I turned my attention on bracelets just opposite the coins section. I was surprised to find a few persons that tagged along wherever I went. I was forced to stop and answered some questions but this time I admitted my knowledge on gold coins was due to the fact that I am a regular customer of Monex Deposit Company, an exceptional leader in precious metals for three decades.

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