Saturday, June 30, 2007

I never tasted a French Wine.

I could confidently say that Indians have not been exposed to the tastes of wine. All we could get is some cheap, very cheap wine which when tasted will make you decide that wines are garbage. One would stick to hard liquor and not bother with wines anymore.

But of all the people, my son who had his first taste of wine recently, directed me to Coupon Chief, a popular web site of discount coupons from where I can find out the best wines or for that matter, best of any products.

Ok son, thank you.

Yes, he was right! Coupon Chief offers discounts for a great range of products. Looking at the range, I forgot that I am looking for a good wine and in fact could not decide on what I really want. Everything was tempting me to buy; for instance I was fascinated by the varieties of apparels on display.

Since my son was watching my activities, I reluctantly compromised for wine over apparel. Next time, I should remember to shop online when my son is not around.

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