Friday, June 22, 2007

Ways to check your passion for blogging.

"I know that the right people will show up in my life at the right moment under right circumstance."

This is one of the many affirmations I repeat daily to make my subconscious mind to believe it literally so that it manifests in my life.

Just when I started giving my attention on the comments that my blog posts get, I suddenly saw a few positive comments and I too took real interest in giving my feedback on the posts that I read more regularly than I write my blog posts.

Exactly after a week or so, I stumbled on to this superb blog by Blog Bloke. This blog is one that every blogger should read. I am very happy to have found this blog and I would strongly recommend you to subscribe to his feed.

Here is what he says about the how good a blogger you are. I am just quoting 2 of his ten points as examples.

"1. Within a few minutes of publishing a post, you are already checking for new comments and your stats for traffic to your blog. You are extremely disappointed that nothing has changed so you check back again a few minutes later (just to be sure). Damn!

2. The last thing that you do before going to bed and kissing your soul mate goodnight is to check for any comments on your blog. Afterwards your mate reminds you that forgot to kiss him or her goodnight."

I confess, thats what I started doing already.

Thank you Bloke!
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