Monday, June 25, 2007

Errors and Omissions allowed.

Don’t translate the subject line literally but you have understood the inner meaning correctly.

I am sure you might have seen “E&OE” at the footer of the typewritten letter. It means ‘Errors and Omissions Eliminated’.

But do you know there were several incidents everyday that involves travel agents getting sued due to small errors they make such as an incorrect departure date? Even a slip and fall by a client of yours can make a travel agent vulnerable to legal issues.

So, what is the solution for Travel Agents who take all the pains to provide a pleasure vacation for us? Is the so called Trip Protection applicable only for travelers?

Professional Liability Insurance provided by gives valuable coverage for owners and employees of travel agencies and tour operators in the event of any errors and omissions claims.

Errors & Omissions Professional Liability Coverage is comprehensive and affordable that travel agents can bank on. While it won’t fully absolve of all your errors, your risks are considerably minimized.

The coverage is wide and I have cited only an example above. For other details you are requested to visit the link above.

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