Sunday, July 08, 2007

The adsense myth.

Though it is reported that some make upto 1000$ per day through adsense, the majority of adsense earners report only a few cents a day.

Why? What is the reason? Any concrete tips to increase adsense revenue?

Of the three question, I have read hundreds of tips in as many places as the answer to the last question. And I never found anything new in all those answers.

Two major changes were recommended in all these answers; change the format and change the layout. But nothing worked for me and so too for all the majority.

To me, irrelevant ads by Google is the main reason. Even in Mashable which attracts thousands of readers, I saw irrelevant ads by Google. Moreover, whatever ads that appeared in, they are worth only a few cents per click(<10 cents).

I invite suggestions, recommendations and experience from this blog readers. Let me compile them and test them.
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