Sunday, July 08, 2007

Don’t compromise convenience over appearance.

Many people do just that-they give more importance for appearance than for convenience and comfort while selecting the furniture for their house. People buy furniture for their home mainly from consumer exhibitions where manufacturers are sure to dump rejected or defective furniture that we can’t detect.

But corporate people are wiser. They view furniture also as an investment and select the correct furniture for their office. Think it over; in how many offices have you seen furniture that is not comfortable?

Our furniture should not only be cozy and comfortable but should last long, really long. Our so called grandfather furniture is still bought at a price that is much more than new, modern furniture.

Please take a look at the sofa below. This furniture looks absolutely sturdy and at the same time, tempting you to curl yourself in. Lenoir empire furniture’s selection of Century furniture is hand-distressed and hand-finished. They are elegant as well as comfortable.

"Century furniture"

Lenoir empire furniture is the authorized dealer for Century furniture among other such as American Drew and Bassett Furniture.

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