Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An advice to my sister.

“Don’t rush for a broadband connection. Shop around leisurely and then decide on your Broadband Provider”- I told my sister who just moved in to U.K.

She was lucky to have found an apartment nearby a metro station. She is already settled in fully having purchased everything a new home requires. She did not take any of her belongings from India to London. She wanted to start afresh.

Her husband got a job in a leading bank but my sister is well versed with pro blogging. I trained her to the best of my abilities.

She even bought a new laptop for which she is yet to get it connected with the right Broadband Internet. I know there are several options for you in U.K. All leading brands such as AOL, Toucan and Orange are in the fray and one can compare them online with

If her husband also needs a cheap broadband internet connection, then it is advisable to select your ISP that is compatible with a router.

My sister is very sharp. I have shown the right website to her and she knows what to do.

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