Thursday, July 12, 2007

A fragrant post for a change.

Oh, let me forget about pro blogging and blog promotion ideas for the time being.

Once, just for once, I would like to write about something totally different. Well, this may be a clue to my other side!(Smile)

For the past week or so, we are seeing rain in the evening and the rain drops are really cool. We have three varieties of jasmine in the front, just abutting the portico. One of then is a double decker jasmine. ( This is the best way I can explain). Or, should I say, two layered flower?

It has a heady smell and blossoms in the evening and fall off by midnight. But due to evening rain, the flowers don't blossom fully and fall off as buds but still the fragrance is hmmm... just heavenly.

Are you able to smell the fragrance?

Trivia: Do you that jasmine is national flower of Pakistan?

Image courtesy: Wikipedia
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