Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cheap broadband.

The competition among broadband ISPs was over and the rate per month is dirt cheap now. (BTW, what is dirt cheap)

Four years before I paid over 600USD to a broadband ISP as installation cost alone. At that time, there was no competition at all and he was the monopoly ISP in India. And the service was deplorable. None of their technical staff were qualified to handle problems. Their customer service was rude to the core.

After trying a few over the years, I settled for Government provided broadband connection that is very stable and yes, it is dirt cheap. Now I know why it is called dirt cheap.

The speed is 256kbps but it seems much more than that. The connection seldom fails. Even if it fails, they rectify it within a few hours.

Thank you BSNL!
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