Monday, July 16, 2007

Ladder Rack for our community.

We are about 27 families in our street. It is a small village known for terrific views. We have a rather silent lake because not many aquatic birds come by though I have seen people fishing in it.

Whenever a family requires some agri implements to be brought in, or anything that requires carting, we had to engage an outside service provider from a nearby city.

As a community, we had entered into a deal. To save time and money, we decided to fit one of our station wagons with a ladder rack. The cost of the ladder rack was shared by us. The family that requires ladder rack fitted vehicle can make use of it by paying a nominal charge that is kept aside for maintenance of the vehicle.

Since this idea was suggested by me, I was not charged anything when I used it for the first time. Nice gesture-isn’t it?

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