Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I just visited More Merchant.

For once I have not stumbled on to a blog by chance but I landed on by choice only. Rather it is the choice of Google shall I say?

I am an online coach to a few on blogging and blogging for money. While doing this, I write short articles on various aspects of blogosphere. Today, my topic was Save More Money and Make More Money.

I did a Google for these words and it obediently directed me to

Hmm.., Jake, the author of the blog is very active and passionate about blogging.

He has written about a wide range of topics of which I found myself clicking on affiliate marketing, investment, merchant accounts, save money and tools.

On saving money, he has tips for us; saving valuable money on flight tickets caught my attention. If I elaborate on that subject, I think I can complete my article. Then there is a mention about cash back credit cards as an avenue to save some bucks.

Insurance is one area we all tend to forget once we buy it. Jake says that since he rates are dropping, it is time to refinance our insurance.

Let us not forget the proverb, “Money saved is money produced”

This is a sponsored post.

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