Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paid lnks for your blogs.

How about earning some extra bucks from your blogs?

For this, you need not write any blog posts for 100 or 200 words.
You need not place any links in your sidebar.

I know of a person who will read your blog posts and ask for a word in your post to be hperlinked.

Here is what he says:
"You send me the URL of your blog.
I'll check the blog and look for a blog post that interests me and offer you a price for a link.
I'll either ask you to turn one of the existing words into a link or ask you to add a new word with a link in it.
You can choose to agree or not. If you agree then add in the link and reply back.I'll send on the money via paypal."

But on one criteria: your blog should have Google PR4 and above.

If you are up to it, please visit this url.
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